Sunday Morning Rehab!

After a long trip back home, a late night cleaning my room, & a full trip with no good coffee, I’m happy to say that I am relaxing this morning with a great cup of Joe! I had a great vacation, but I always miss home after a while. My bed was the first place I crashed last night, along with my dog, Precious. This morning I woke up and grabbed a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, along with my Cinnabon creamer. I tell ya, not having any coffee on vacation makes the cup you have at home that much better!

Here are my coffee essentials:

1. Coffee Maker

2. Cinnabon Creamers

3. Cute Coffee Mug

4. Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee

Coffee has always been one of my favorite morning rituals. Since I work early mornings, my weekends are when I get to indulge in my coffee.

Do you have any coffee essentials?




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