Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters!
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…When I was driving home from work yesterday, there were tiny flakes of snow falling!!! It was so cold that I wish I had a sweater on. That brings me to this post.
I’ve always wanted to attend an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. I think it is so fun, & it is hilarious to see what people come up with! One year my parents made their own ugly Christmas sweaters. They had my family & I rolling on the floor from laughter!
That’s the thing, you don’t have to pay high dollar to get a sweater like this. While there are sites and stores where you can buy them, paying no more than a few dollars for these types of items is what I’m about. My advice is to either make your own, or browse thrift stores for them. My Mom was able to find an ugly sweater for every member of our family, all for less than $5 a piece. That’s what I call a bargain!
I hope you like these ugly sweater ideas! Have you been to an ugly Christmas sweater party??

11 thoughts on “Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

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