Healthy Thanksgiving!

Healthy Thanksgiving!
It’s that time of year again. Back-to-back holidays, both of which involve family, friends, & a feast big enough to feed a small army! With all that delicious food staring you in the face, how do you keep your healthy routine you had during the Summer months? Here are a few tips I have to help you stay on the healthy track during your Thanksgiving break!
1. Drink Water, Not Wine
I know what you are thinking. How can I not have alcohol during the holidays?? Well, here is what I do. Keep holiday drinking to a one glass limit. The rest of the meal, drink water. It will help keep you full, & you can cut any extra calories from drinks.
2. Watch Your Portions
I’m not gonna lie. I can eat me some Thanksgiving/Christmas food! But as gratifying it is in the moment, as soon as those heaping piles of food settle, I’m regretting every bite. So instead of enjoying a delicious home-made meal, I end up sad and stuffed. Instead, stick to one plate of food & watch your portions. Go for palm sized amounts of food. This will allow you to get a little taste of everything, minus the bloated feeling afterwards.
3. Keep Up With Exercise
I started working out every day, and I am reaping the benefits! But just because you have a holiday week doesn’t mean you should stop with all your workouts. Make sure to incorporate some form of exercise into your schedule. This is especially important to keep up with between the Thanksgiving and Christmas gap. Many people say, “Oh, Christmas is right around the corner. I’m not going to worry about working out.” Wrong. That is the time to kick your workout into high gear!
4. Enjoy More Than Food
Don’t forget to enjoy your family & friends during the holidays. Yes, the food is great. But remember that time with loved ones is short, and food shouldn’t be the main focus of holiday festivities.
I hope you find these tips helpful! Comment with any that should be added!

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