Fitness Essentials!

I think fitness is an important aspect to having a healthy and happy life. Here are my top four fitness essentials to help you with your fitness journey!

Fitness Essentials!

1. The Clothes

Having good workout clothes is necessary to make your workout more enjoyable. Having light-weight, flexible, and airy clothes allow you to workout to the best of your abilities. It is also important to think about the color of the clothes. I am more motivated to workout if the clothes are colorful and bright!

2. The Shoes

Make sure your workout shoes are supportive. I have had workout shoes that have lacked in helping me reach my fitness goals. They were uncomfortable, and not really meant for the type of activity I do. I recently bought a new pair of workout shoes and I see a big difference. I am able to workout longer, and have the needed support for my feet. Again, go for something colorful!

3. The Equipment

If you decide to join a gym, most, if not all, of the equipment you’ll need is already provided. I, however, workout from home. The main items I use are: weights, a yoga mat, and a fitness ball. These workout items allow you the ability to do various exercises that work nearly all areas you wish to change. I also use YouTube to my advantage. There are a lot of workout videos for any type of exercise you could imagine!

4. The Snacks

Whether you have a snack before or after your workout (for me it depends what time of the day I workout), you want to make sure it is filling and nutritious. I like to have something such as a smoothie, assorted nuts, or a nutrition bar. These options provide protein and energy, and of course they are delicious!

I hope you find these Fitness Essentials helpful! Comment below on your fitness essentials or favorite workouts!




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