Coffee Cart Cuteness!

the alternative to the bar cart: the coffee cart!

While I love the idea of a bar cart in my house, I really don’t drink alcohol that often. Insert “Coffee Cart,” I’m sold! Here are a few ways to turn a bar cart into an adorable coffee cart!


1. Coffee Maker

This one should be obvious. Though whether you want a Keurig or old-fashioned coffee maker, that’s up to you. I still prefer the old-fashioned coffee maker, what can I say?

2. Cute Mugs

Coffee is twice as enjoyable with a cute mug in hand! Pick out your prettiest & favorites to display on your cart.

3. The Fixing’s

Sugar, spice, & everything nice! Depending on the fanciness of your coffee creations, this can be minimal or grand.

4. Simple Decorative Items

This can include a small vase of flowers, or an art print hung on the wall above the cart. Add your personal touch!


& voilà! A beautiful, functional coffee cart!




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