Dessert Party Ideas!

I think it would be so fun to throw a party for a bunch of friends. Something simple, yet stylish. & of course it has to have good food. I think that a dessert party is such a cute idea! Nearly everyone likes dessert of some kind, & even if they don’t, they can still enjoy the beautiful spread you prepare.

Bar cart makeover DIY: Surprise your guests with a #HomeGoodsHappy dessert cart! Cake stands, colorful straws and napkins make for a fun and festive update. For more entertaining inspiration, click through to our Design Happy blog.

I’m determined that I will have a bar cart in my house. They are so retro, yet still modern. Plus they can be used for more than just alcohol. Display your desserts using colorful napkins, tiers, flowers, & fashionable plates.

Donuts and milk

For a specific dessert idea, I think milk & donuts is so adorable! You can make or buy pretty donuts, then set them on top of small glasses of milk. A straw can keep the donuts in place until eaten!

For some added party décor, fill clear balloons with confetti or glitter (or both), and tie with colorful string. Fabulous!



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