Halloween Recipe!

Yesterday at work we had a delightful spread of Halloween inspired food. Basically, it was a great lunch! Here is a simple recipe for one of my favorite, adorable desserts. Enjoy!


You will need:

Pack of instant chocolate pudding


Small, plastic cups

Gummy worms

Marshmallow ghosts

Pumpkin candy corn


1. Whip up a packet of chocolate instant pudding. Letย it set in the refrigerator until cold.

2. While pudding is setting, get a pack of Oreos. Remove the icing (you can eat it or just scoop it off), and put Oreo cookie halves in a plastic baggie. Once you have enough Oreos, break apart in the bag until crumbly like dirt.

3. Put the pudding into your plastic cups.

4. Add your Oreo dirt, worms, pumpkins, & ghost.

5. Enjoy!




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