Up-Do Tutorial!

Here is a short tutorial for the hair style I wore over the weekend. Enjoy!


You Will Need:

1. A mirror to see the back of your hair.

2. Barrettes to secure hair.

3. Bobby pins to secure the bun.

4. A brush to comb back your hair.

5. Hair spray, to finish the look!

1. Gather your hair on both sides above the ears, like you would do with a half-up do. Use a brush to comb back the crown of your hair. Secure with barrettes.

Hair from the front.

2. Now you should have the top half of your hair pulled back, and secured with the barrettes. Next, section off the hair that is loose into two equal sections.

3. Twist the two equal sections together, until you reach the end of your hair.

4. Now, twist the twisted hair into a bun against the base of your neck. Place one hand over the bun to keep it in place.

5. Then, secure with bobby pins. Once the bun is mostly in place, you can remove your hand and secure any pieces that are out of place so it looks more polished.

6. Finally, hair spray so it doesn’t move!!




7 thoughts on “Up-Do Tutorial!

  1. Your blog is adorable and I love your articles!! I have not read everything yet but I’ve read a couple and I can’t wait to continue going through your blog! Great job !!

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