Keeping It Comfy!

Keeping It Comfy!
With Summer winding down, most of us are headed back to school or work (or in my case, both). This results in a lot of hectic weeks, and little time to just relax. So I decided to put together a few items to help keep you in that comfy mindset. Enjoy!
1. The Clothes
Be sure that you pick comfortable attire when trying to relax. I like my favorite pair of jeans-rather than sweats, it’s just a little nicer-and a soft sweatshirt. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable while trying to meet a deadline, or studying for that final!
2. The Bag
Coffee shops are a great place to unwind and work on projects & papers. Having a big bag or tote will make transporting everything a whole lot easier!
3. The Makeup
While going all out with the makeup is unnecessary, be sure that you feel somewhat put together. I know I feel better when I have at least some mascara, and a little lip gloss, on. Plus, you never know who you may run into. Gotta look cute! 😉
4. Agenda
Be sure to keep a notebook or agenda on hand. This will help you plan your weeks, providing less chaos and more relaxation!
5. Thermos/Tumbler
I always take either coffee or water with me to work. So a thermos or tumbler is a must! This allows you to save money when needing something to drink, and they just look cute!

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