How To Be A Grace Kelly Girl!

You may have read my previous post on How To Be An Audrey Hepburn Girl. Now, I am providing ways to epitomize the elegance and beauty of Grace Kelly!


1. Leisure time is important.

TUMBLN’ Summertime State of Mind   watching thru the Rear Window a true classic movie an Alfred Hitchcock classic and this is a scene in the movie with Grace Kelly, amazing

2. Always check your hair before you leave.

Click to watch this moving image. Grace Kelly in "Rear Window" her outfit!

3. Kiss like you mean it.

To Catch a Thief (1955) ~ Grace Kelly and Cary Grant kiss [Video/GIF]

4. Remember the importance of fashion.

rear window

 5. Pearls complete any outfit.

Google Image Result for Kelly - 'Rear Window' (Promotional shoot). Kelly

6. Retro sunglasses are a must.

Grace KellyIconic Blonde Grace Kellythis is how i always want to look when I'm outdoors - classic shades, red lipstick and big white teeth.  grace kelly is divine.


Until next time, lovelies!

From The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954).



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