Then & Now: Girl Meets World!

Many of you who grew up in the 90’s probably remember a sweet show called Boy Meets World. I grew up on this show, and I still watch the reruns. So I was so surprised and happy when I learned that Boy Meets World was transforming into Girl Meets World!


The show is on Disney Channel, and most of the original Boy Meets World cast has signed on to make appearances, including Shawn, Corey’s parents, and Feeny! Also, the original creators are back, so you know that the same themes and lessons are in there! It focuses on Corey and Topanga’s daughter, Riley, and her journey of life and growing up. I have watched the first three episodes that have aired, and I LOVE THIS SHOW!



I have always thought that the Disney Channel shows have gone down hill (Since about 2006). The shows they air today tend to focus on being famous, getting famous, or singing and dancing. While that’s ok for a few shows, I think they have little substance or morals/lessons for young kids. I’ve watched episodes of there new shows…let’s just say it was hard to watch. But Girl Meets World is the opposite! It has heart and comedy and life lessons. I think this is what the youth of America needs! Morals and things like seeing a family have dinner together at the kitchen table (a normal Girl Meets World scene set-up).

Conclusion: If you haven’t seen this show, see it! I promise you will love it, just keep in mind it is geared towards a younger audience, but has things you would enjoy as an adult (A.K.A. Corey and Topanga!).





2 thoughts on “Then & Now: Girl Meets World!

  1. I love it too! I was thinking the content might appeal more to us (those of us who are older because we grew up with Boy Meets World) if it was on ABC Family instead of Disney Channel, but like you said it is geared towards a younger audience.

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