My First Louis Vuitton Purse!

michelle williams vuitton

I did it! I am finally a proud owner of my first Louis Vuitton! I bought the Speedy 25, and this is one of my first big investments. I say investment because Louis Vuitton never goes out of style. While they may be expensive now, the prices go up every year. And the older they get, the better. Like fine wine. πŸ˜‰ So I figured get it while the gettin’s good!


Here is one my favorite celebrities with the Speedy 25:




The History Behind the Speedy 25

Audrey HepburnΒ found the Speedy 30 too large, so she had Louis Vuitton make a smaller Speedy for her. And that’s how the Speedy 25 was born!

All I know is if it was good enough for Audrey, it is good enough for me!


And here she is!



Louis_Vuitton_2 Louis_Vuitton_4

I named her Stella. I have no idea why. She just reminds me of a “Stella.” I think this bag is the perfect size for my petite frame, and it is a classic that goes with everything. I couldn’t be happier! πŸ™‚


Comment below about your first Louis Vuitton!



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