Beach Essentials!

Beach Essentials!
1. Sun Hat
This is perfect for when you don’t want to wear sunglasses. Also, it protects your scalp and hair from the sun’s rays. Plus, it’s adorable!
2. Bikini
Obviously, this is a must if you are going to the beach. Pick a color and style you love!
3. Cover-Up
This is great to throw over your bikini if you grab lunch or dinner after the beach!
4. Sunscreen
This is a necessity! I love the spray sunscreens, and I get SPF 30 or more.
5. Sunglasses
Pick a cute pair! Aviators are always a classic, but go with what you love!
6. Beach Towel
So you can dry off from the water, or to lay on while you tan!
7. Magazines
I like to have a few magazines to flip through. Here are a few of my favorite magazines!
8. Music
If you aren’t one for reading, music is the next best thing! I like to make a playlist of songs just for the beach, catchy and up-beat!
9. Tote
To carry all your stuff! I like to have a clear tote so I can make sure I didn’t leave anything at the beach or in my room. Also, it helps keep sand off of all your stuff!
Comment below with your beach essentials!

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