Throw Back Thursday: Taylor Swift Speak Now Concert!

Almost four years ago I had the joy of seeing Taylor Swift in concert. My parents graciously bought me tickets to see Taylor for my 18th birthday. At the time, Taylor was performing for her most recent album, Speak Now.


I play Taylor Swift songs none-stop on my iPod. Yes, I was one of those people in the audience yelling out her lyrics. It was awesome!



She was amazing live! So sweet, and really made it a point to make the audience feel special.

Taylor4 Taylor5

The seats I had were great! I could see her so clearly, and sometimes she would walk over to my side. The BEST moments!

Taylor6 Taylor7

Taylor even went so far as to come back out and do three more songs at the end. I couldn’t believe she was taking the time out of her evening to continue singing. Again, she made the audience feel so special!

Taylor8 Taylor9

Oh, and she is GORGEOUS in person!


Taylor11 Taylor12

It was one of the most memorable nights of my life. I will never forget it.




I hope you enjoyed my Throw Back Thursday post! Comment below if you have seen Taylor Swift in concert!

















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