Jewelry Collection & Storage!

Jewelry is such a fantastic fashion statement! The only qualm I have with jewelry is that it can be difficult to store. Jewelry seems like such a waste, at least to me, if it is not being seen all the time. Because of this, I came up with some storage solutions that provide functionality and art all in one!


First up, this hanging display hutch.


I purchased this at Ross for around $20. It is a beautiful piece, with a pretty antique feel. It came with adorable pearl pins, which I thought was a darling touch!

jewelry3 jewelry2

Next up is a jewelry tray.


I purchased this at Target for around $10. It was in the clearance! It has an Eiffel Tower picture, and an antique look. Love!


Finally, I have this white velvet bust.

jewelry7 jewelry8

I purchased this at Ross for $10. I display my great-grandma’s pearl necklace with this. I think this is so chic, and a beautiful reminder of her.


I hope you found this post helpful, and you will be able to use some of these ideas! Comment below and share how you display your beautiful jewelry!










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