My Obssession with Coffee!

My obsession with coffee began when I started college. I just decided one day that coffee would be a part of my morning routine. Now, I can’t have a good morning without it. It wakes me up, and gives me the strength to make it through the day.


I think my coffee obsession also stemmed from the fact that I watch Gilmore Girls and Friends. The characters on those shows make drinking coffee seem fun and necessary to solve life problems.

Then there is Audrey Hepburn. The first time I saw her with her coffee and pastry in front of Tiffany’s, I wanted to be that glamorous. She seemed so sophisticated and très chic!


I imagine that one day, I will find a place like Luke’s Diner or Central Perk. My friends and I will meet, talk, and drink coffee to our heart’s content…

Okay, so maybe that isn’t totally realistic, but a stop at Starbucks is possible. And, of course, there’s always Tiffany’s!

Comment below and tell me about your coffee obsession!




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