Bath & Body Works Haul!

Recently, I went to Bath & Body Works and added some new items to my collection. I will provide descriptions of the scents and a link to where you can buy them online. Enjoy!

First up, Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut!

           Bath&BodyWorks_Doughnut_Candle Bath&BodyWorks_Doughnut_Candle_2

This smells just like a bakery of doughnuts! I love this scent, and I wish they had a bigger version. It is described as, “freshly-baked vanilla cake donut covered in sugar crystals and crushed cinnamon.”

Next, London Calling!

Bath&BodyWorks_LondonCalling_Candle Bath&BodyWorks_LondonCalling_Candle_2

This smells like a cup of tea! It smells so good, my Mom decided to buy a large version for herself! It is described as, “a blend of tea, lemon & sugar.”

Another great purchase is Paris Daydream!

Bath&BodyWorks_ParisDaydream_Candle Bath&BodyWorks_ParisDaydream_Candle_2

This candle has a clean, fresh scent. It is described as, “a blend of watery notes, moss and mandarin.”

Next up is a trio of scents from the new Hawaiian Collection.  I purchased Rainforest Sugarcane, Hawaiian Hibiscus, and Island Waters!


Rainforest Sugarcane is described as, “an intriguing mixture of fresh lime, raw sugarcane and rare vanilla orchid.” Hawaiian Hibiscus is described as, “fragrant hibiscus, Hawaii’s native flower, combined with creamy coconut and jasmine notes.” Island Waters is described as, “a mix of water notes, lush green palm leaves and a hint of fresh cut bamboo.”

These scents make me feel like I am living on an island. So fun!

And finally, I purchased another item from the Hawaiian Collection, Oahu Coconut Sunset Body Lotion!

Bath&BodyWorks_Oahu_Lotion Bath&BodyWorks_Oahu_Lotion_2

This lotion reminds me so much of suntan lotion, with a hint of coconut thrown in. An obvious summer scent. It is described as, “a blend of coconut blossoms & exotic tiger lily warmed by molten amber.” This will be my go-to lotion this summer!


I hope you enjoyed this haul, and comment below telling me other Bath & Body Works scents I should try!















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